• Orges Toçe – ZHUL


    1998 he went to Spain and played Guitar & Violin with various Classic , Rock & Jazz Bands (La Orquesta Sinfonica Region de Murcia, Los Albarracines, Gipsy-Swing Quintet Murcia, Carlos & Curro Pinana, Neuroticos ect, ect...). 2003 he went to Vienna / Austria to studie Jazz-Guitar at "Konservatorium Wien" where he graduated with the Title "Master of Arts" as a student of Claus Spechtl.

    Since 2003 he was working with several Jazz, Pop & Rock Bands.

    We shot this musicvideo in an attic of an old building in vienna. It gives you a nice picture about Toçe's political background - even if you doesn't understand albanian (-;